Once I heard a management executive say:
"No more consultants! They disappear without a trace, leaving me with their unusable work and a hole in my finances!"
The statement got me thinking "How come? I assumed that these consultants have performed their tasks as agreed in the contract". I reached the conclusion that it must be due to a lack of understanding of the algorithm and source code within the organization. This has led to a diminished the value experience for the executive.
This is why at Straight Up Algorithms we makes sure you, your people and the users understand our work! We do this by providing clear but concise documentation together with our algorithms. The documentation is written to provide these three stakeholders with the specific information they need.
Providing this documentation does not cost you money, it save you money in the long run. The benefits of well documented algorithms and source code are many fold. They can be understood quickly, saving time and reducing the amount of bugs when being implemented and maintained.