At Straight Up Algorithms we develop software which can perform two tasks:
  1. making your work, that of your employees or customers easier
  2. improving the performance of your machines or plants
The software we develop implements algorithms which carry out these tasks. An algorithm is a plan to solve a problem, usually involving mathematics. We at Straight Up Algorithms design and translate this plan and the accompanying mathematics into structured and well documented source code.
By making use of advanced mathematics we design the algorithms to find the best possible solution, reduce the amount of manual labor or assist the user in controlling a machine or program with minimal instruction. Our main focus is on technical applications because our strength lies in the development of code which:
  • reduce the amount of material your production line requires
  • finds the settings to obtain the best output in ever changing operation conditions
  • reduces noise on your sensor outputs
  • increases the accuracy of your machinery
  • etc.
To achieve this we use advanced techniques such as:
These techniques are applicable to all kinds of machinery, (unmanned) vehicles and plants, very likely one of your systems! Would you like to learn more about the above stated techniques? Please visit our contact page and get in touch! We are glad to help.