A Bootloader for Smart Caravans

Straight Up Algorithms has assisted E-Trailer in the development of a safe and secure bootloader for their embedded platform. E-Trailer develops IOT solutions for campers and caravans making them easier and safer to use. Via an app on your smart phone they send you real time information about your caravan while you drive and setup […]

Tractor Simulator

Currently under development at our customer VESC is a Tractor Simulator. Just like a flight simulator only with the cabin of a tractor this simulator is build for driving lessons. Students will be able to use the simulator for their first lessons. They will drive through a virtual world in which they encounter different traffic […]

Spacecraft Reaction Wheel Controller

For our customer Hyperion Technologies, SUA has developed a speed controller for one of their micro reaction wheels, the RW210 . SUA has supplied a custom software implementation to drive and control the rotation speed this reaction wheel. We have implemented efficient C code filtering the motor measurements and effectively controlling the wheel over a […]

Speaking at London Space Week

During the London Space Week SUA will give a presentation called “60’s High Tech”. The presentation will be about the development of control algorithms in the current digital age compared to the analog controller of the first lunar lander. A lot has changed in the development of control systems compared to 50 years ago when […]

LinkedIn Company Page

The LinkedIn Company page of Straight Up Algorithms was just launched. You can follow the company to keep up to date on our latest news.

Space Tech Expo

Between the 17th and 19th of November Straight Up Algorithms will be attending the Space Tec Expo in Bremen Germany. If you are interested in meeting us you can register for a B2B meeting via the website of b2match Space Tec Expo or contact us directly. We are offering services related to the development of […]

Thales – Embedded Software

Straight Up Algorithms is now assisting Thales in the development of their vehicle communication platform SOTAS. We are developing low level code for different types of embedded processors and designing, implementing and validating this code on the hardware.

CES 2015

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 has shown a great number of drones. The most noticeable presentation was the one by Intel and ASC Tec. They have a similar concept to your Stereo Vision system for autonomous navigation. Source: The Verge

Watch out for that tree!!

By now we have all seen the drone incredible clips of people racing their drones in First Person View (FPV). As you can imagine this does not always goes as planned. While the sand paths in a forests make great racing tracks, the occasional tree may get in the way. To keep flying at racing […]

Vision of the Future

The development and initial hype of drones is changing. What we see is that it grows into a mature market with professional applications. This change is further stimulated by the aviation regulators which are developing strict regulations. While governing bodies struggled to with the initial blooming they are now tightening the ropes on the operation […]