Vision of the Future

The development and initial hype of drones is changing. What we see is that it grows into a mature market with professional applications. This change is further stimulated by the aviation regulators which are developing strict regulations. While governing bodies struggled to with the initial blooming they are now tightening the ropes on the operation of drones. We consider this to be a positive development as it will allow for a healthy environment without so called cow boys operating and endangering others.

Our vision of the future is that drones will operate closer to humans and structures compared to what they are allowed to now.
You can already see the first steps towards this being made. Multiple delivery companies are already testing out drones for package delivery [1][2].

How do you want the drone delivering a package to your neighbor to behave?

We think the answer is simple: safely of course! As the world is a dynamic place we are developing a system which allows drones to keep a safe distance from people and objects. Using the vision technology developed earlier for the Transcend Vision Systems we are now refining our algorithms to generate depth maps with great certainty. We aim to use this for autonomous navigation of drones.